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  • Benedikt Droste

    Benedikt Droste

    Data Analyst in a management consultancy | Interested in data science, web scraping & storytelling | https://www.linkedin.com/in/benedikt-droste-893b1b189/

  • Jose Valooran

    Jose Valooran

    Data Analysis| ISO| CIPS| CSPO| PMP® | Supply Chain Management Find me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josejvalooran/

  • Machine Learning India

    Machine Learning India

    A community of over 500,000 passionate technologists. Our mission is to build an AI ecosystem in India.

  • Nirmalya Misra

    Nirmalya Misra

    A Machine Learning Enthusiast and a Football freak.

  • Akshay Toshniwal

    Akshay Toshniwal

    Data Scientist & AI Expert. Associated Editor at AI Time Journal. International Partner at World Business Angels Investment Forum. Tech Geek.

  • pranav jannu

    pranav jannu

  • Matt Sosna

    Matt Sosna

    MLE @ Facebook. Princeton PhD. Dad. Write about data science, machine learning, statistics, Python. Addicted to learning how things work. Views my own.

  • Yashwardhan Deshmukh

    Yashwardhan Deshmukh

    • Flutter & ML Developer • Aeronautics & Aerial Robotics Enthusiast • International Athlete • Guitarist • Reader/Writer

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